Designing AVL For A Multi-Functional Fun Center
By Anthony Vargas

Round1’s new location in Atlanta GA’s Cumberland Mall demonstrates how inseparable audio, video and lighting (AVL) technology and the modern entertainment and hospitality experience have become. The 90,000-square-foot family-entertainment center is packed with AVL tech that complements its inviting mix of bowling, billiards, arcade games, karaoke, casual dining and more. The Atlanta venue also features Round1’s Spo-Cha (short for “Sports Challenge”) expansion, which includes additional sportsbased attractions, such as an indoor skating rink and batting cages; these attractions are also surrounded with AVL that enhances the guest experience. The AVL systems for Round1 Atlanta were specified by Guy O’Hazza of Decibel Studios. O’Hazza has a 10-plus-year working relationship with Round One Corp., dating to his time selling the company music-video jukeboxes. He offered his perspective on the Atlanta installation. “This is my 34th store to open for Round1 over the last several years,” O’Hazza shared. “[For this installation,] we worked very closely with them to put together…the Round1 family-entertainment center that we’re most accustomed to, but they’ve [also] added an additional section, called Spo-Cha, which they’ve tested in Japan and that works very well.” He added, “Most of [the Round1 locations I’ve worked on] have been 50,000…60,000 square feet. This one’s 90,000. So, this is one of the larger ones [in the US], but that would not be true if it were in Japan. In Japan, some of them are seven stories high.” O’Hazza provided a quick rundown of all that the Round1/Spo-Cha facility in Atlanta has to offer. “You walk in, and you are surrounded by 300 or 400 video games. You can walk up to the counter and rent time to go bowling. It’s Cosmic Bowling most of the time, [but there are] enhancements, such as the Moonlight Strike game, that they play every hour. You can also rent time to play billiards. And then there are the dining areas, like a snack…..

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