Introducing the DS HyperImmersive™ Theater

Audience entertainment expectations are rising at the pace of technology advancements. However, the gap between the two is getting wider…Until now! Introducing the HyperImmersive™ Theatre (“H.I.T”), the next level of experiential entertainment. DS has stepped beyond just trying to reproduce reality and is delivering HYPER-REALITY. Blending 360º surround video and audio, a low-profile motion floor, and up to 10 theatre special effects, the HyperImmersive™ Theatre is the most immersive entertainment experience on the planet.

The first turn-key fully immersive motion theater for any size venue:

• Projection: seamless 360º + floor projection OR full dome

• Ride Simulation: optional motion platform for standing or seated guests

• Special Effects: motion, fog, wind, strobes, rumble floor, intelligent lighting, scent, leg ticklers, water blast, air blast

• Audio: premium surround audio system

• Show Control: connect up to 64 projectors, play up to 8K 360º / dome content from a single server. Fully automatic and precise projector calibration

• Capacity: 1-1,500 people

We offer full-service solutions for projection domes, from design and engineering to installation and after-sales support.